How to Rock Your LinkedIn Skills Section

A recent article titled, The expert trick to hone your skills section on Linkedln, by Joshua Waldman shares some of the most popular skills that got people hired in 2014. Techies took first place for most of the top skills.

How You Can Rock your Skills Section Even if You’re Not a Techie

The skills you show on your profile are important and affect your search rankings. Linkedln recently improved its’ search engine optimization so that skills on a user’s profile can be filtered. Now, instead of just guessing what to list or just waiting for a friend’s endorsement to get employed in serviced office space; you can follow the below tips:

  1. Find Out What Universities People Who are In Your Dream Job Attended

Using the LinkedIn University Finder tool, choose your filters such as companies you want to focus on, locations similar to office space orlando where you want to work or functions you desire.

For example, you choose Google as the target company and if you prefer advertising. Your list of schools should include Stanford, University of Pennsylvania, and Harvard. Mark these schools down to reference in step two.

  1. Find the Students!

Now, select any of those top schools from step one and go to their University Page, and click on the ‘Explore Careers’ link. A search interface should come up similar to the one in step one — but this time you can see a list of skills graduates have on their profile.

Using this example, you pick the target company, Google, and your function, advertising. What appears is a list of the top skills that alumni who are working in advertising at Google have on their profile. Jot down the top 10 in a spreadsheet, then move on to the next University Page. Remember, filter by company and function, and record the skills until there are at least fifty in your list.

  1. Choose the Most Common Skills

Go through at least 5 to 10 schools for each preferred company and function, and record them in your spreadsheet.

Now using the data recorded, look at the frequency of these skills, rank your own skills accordingly and list them in your Linkedln profile. Make sure you can speak to them in an interview setting and have proof to back up your claims if called upon to do so by a potential employer in executive office space.


Updating your skills section on your Linkedln profile will help you hit your career goals!

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