Choosing the Right Work Space

1111With advancement in technology, working at home has become an option. This new flexibility offers many benefits — cutting daily commutes, comfortable work environment, and flexibility for family. However, a recent article,Does working at Home Make You Antsy and Sad? 5 things to Consider Before Choosing a Coworking Space  by Rachel Murphy discusses that working from home brings a new set of challenges.

First, confusing the line between work space and personal space often transforms into blurring the line between work life and personal life.  Work and family both compete for your attention and if you’re not careful, an eight-hour workday can stretch into longer hours.

Second, working from home all the time can be isolating. Many people struggle with a job that lacks regular interaction with coworkers. This can lead to depression and even a regression in social skills.

A solution to these challenges can be found in a coworking office space. The concept is simple: people employed by different companies work independently in a shared space.

Finding the right workspace can make all the difference in your job performance and emotional health. If you enjoy the flexibility of a work-from-home job but also desire social interaction, a coworking office space is an excellent option.

Below are three important things to consider when deciding if a coworking space is right for you.

  1. Proximity

Think about the location relative to where you live or run your errands.

  1. Design

Layout may vary from library style carrels, to armchairs and sofas, to semi and fully private offices. Look for one to fit your needs.

  1. Amenities

The most basic necessity in any coworking space is Wi-Fi; most places will also offer access to a printer and other office equipment. Figure out which amenities are most useful to you.


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