3 Things to Consider Before Joining a Coworking Space


A recent article, Five Questions to Ask Before Joining a Coworking Space by Kavi Guppta says that coworking spaces provide temporary spaces for startups, freelancers and remote workers. These spaces offer the opportunity to be part of a community of like-minded thinkers that may help move your business and career forward. However, it’s crucial to consider if a coworking space is right for you in your present condition.

Here are three things to consider before making a physical and financial investment in a coworking space.

Understand your current cash flow.

It’s vital to know if you can afford the fees, but if you haven’t got the money or the sales to guarantee spending on a shared office space, you might want to stay in that home office or garage a little bit longer. It makes sense to hold off until you see tangible growth in your customer base.

Know your purpose for the space.

Consider how you’ll want to use a collaborative working space, because you may find another option that fits your needs and your budget. For example, perhaps you’ve outgrown your home office and require a more legitimate setting to conduct meetings and other tasks. This will enable you to justify the investment, and to keep yourself responsible.

Identify the effect to your productivity.

Collaboration with vibrant and dynamic groups of people is part of renting a coworking space. However if you’ve never experienced the bullpen mentality of an open plan work environment it might be distracting– over collaboration can hamper your productivity. And if you’re paying for a monthly membership fee to only find yourself hunting for exclusive working rooms, then you might want to reconsider what kind of working environment you’re leasing.


Weighing the things discussed above will help you decide whether coworking space is right for you. YourOffice is looking forward to help you choose the right workplace for your needs within your budget. YourOffice is a leader in providing the most prestigious fully serviced office space and meeting space for any size business. Convenient, hassle free, and move in ready- our offices, meeting rooms, and conference rooms are designed to meet your business’ every need.

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